Arts Encounter #4

Before the event: This performance of Wicked was done by Broadway on tour. Wicked is the story of how the two witches of Oz came to be who they are, and the stories they each have to tell, and the lessons that they learned. I did just a little bit of research on the plot line because I had seen this musical once before when I was very young, and I didn’t really remember much of what I had seen.


During the event:

The show was absolutely spectacular. I saw the show in downtown Syracuse at the Landmark Theater on Saturday night, the 25th. The singers’ voices rang throughout the theater when they were singing and it really resonated in my mind. The set changes were very cool as well. It seemed that a lot of the changes happened right there on stage when things were still happening, and people were still singing. This was very cool because even though the change was happening in plain sight, you are not really focused on it and you are still focused on what is happening between the actors and actresses on stage, so then the action ends, and the scene is new. The voices of Glinda and Elphaba were so amazing. They blended so well together when they sang harmonies, and when they sang in unison, they sounded like one singer. The effects and lighting in this show were also breathtaking. There were times when we were in the emerald city, and these green lights came on and the entire theater lit up in very bright green. The costumes also were very intricate. The ensemble’s costumes always matched what was going on but in such a goofy and obscure way, and it was very interesting to see them emerge from the wings of the stage when the time period was changing in the show, because then they would come out in completely different outfits.


Some questions I had:

How do Broadway performers perform so well for so many nights in a row?

How do traveling Broadway take all of their set parts with them when they travel?

How long do the actors and actresses rehearse every day?



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