Blog for the A! (Digital Literacy)

I am very interested in the idea of digital literacy. I had never even really thought about it before this class, but now, whenever I go online it is a lot of what I think about. I think about it when I see the ads on the side of my screen, and think to myself, “Oh, I was just looking for something like that!” when in fact my computer knows exactly what I was looking for, because it remembered what I searched and it knew what to put in front of me. This is a very cool thing to me. Also, I view clickbait differently than I did before. Even though it is still riddled with sketchy ads and weird stories, the titles of the articles and stories are alway so attention grabbing, and even if the story is about something so stupid and irrelevant to anything, they still manage to get people to click on their material because they knew how to draw the reader, or the quick internet scroller, in for at least a little bit. I also didnt even think that these tactics that are used online can also be used in videos and TV commercials. I thought that the small amount of time we spent on political campaign ads and the literacy behind that was quite intriguing, especially since the election had not yet happened, so it was interesting to identify the techniques we discussed and read about in real life on the television. I did think about how when writing on different social media platforms, people write differently and for different reasons. Twitter is for short and concise writing to get a point across, while Facebook is for more casual, personal posts and writing. I was glad to be exposed to all of this during this class, because it gives me a new point of view on digital literacy.

Blogging Benefits

One of the things that I have taken note of throughout this semester is that the blog posts that we have created after reading an article or watching a video have helped me understand and comprehend what we have just went over. Writing the blog posts helps me understand the material, because I then have to turn around and either summarize what we have observed, or answer a discussion question about it or analyze a certain technique in the writing or media. If I can keep myself organized, my thoughts become more coherent and organized as well and this helps me a lot, especially since writing has not always been my strongest subject.

Video Game Homework Cont.

When we got assigned to play the games One Chance and Everyday the Same Dream for homework, I was actually very interested to see what these games were like. You had to play them to understand what was going on. Both of the games had what seemed very dark twists to them, because of their simplistic nature on the surface. I thought both of these games were very intriguing. I wish that I was able to find out the game designer and creator’s process to come up with these games, and how they got their ideas to write and create them. I feel as though more people should be exposed to these games, and games like these, because they got my mind thinking in a very interesting way, and I think more people should be able to experience that.

We Can’t Wait for 2016 to be Over

A lot of the time when we reach this point in the year, people begin to reflect on the great things that have happened. The holiday season usually gets people in good spirits, and it helps them enjoy their memories from the year, and then they become ready to move into the new year. This year, it seems as though we were ready to end this year before Thanksgiving even rolled around. All over the news and social media, there are tragic stories, and we hear updates of new tragedies what seems like every week. I feel as though people want a massive change. We hear about these horrific events that seem like they never stop happening, and just as though we think they can’t get any worse, they seem to do just that. The world wants to get out of 2016 once and for all and is ready for a fresh start, and hopefully a lot of good change.