What does it mean to argue?

To argue, means to present information to a group of people. It is the way that this information is presented that makes it an argument, or presents an argument. A while ago as a homework assignment, we had to watch a Ted talk about arguments. It had given me a totally different point of view on what arguing is. The speaker in the video had said that arguing to win or lose has really no purpose. In those kinds of arguments, the winner would only be focused on triumphing in their victory, while the loser would just be where they had started in the argument, and possibly even in a state of denial with the results. The real reason for arguing should be to learn new information. Arguments should be presenting new information to each view point of the point of information. In a true argument, the point of information will be “solved,” and both sides of the argument end up gaining information. In another form of arguing that we also looked at for homework was through campaign ads. Another technique of argumentation that I had never really thought of was brought to light for me while doing this assignment. The cinematic techniques that were used in the ad that we watched were very interesting. For the person the ad was against, whenever they were on screen, the videos and photos of them were always dark, and low quality. On the other end of the argument, the candidate that the ad is for is always glorified, with bright light, and crips and clear images and photos. This is a very good argumentative tactic, because ads are shown everywhere on TV, and in places where the TVs are not using sound, the viewer can tell who in the ad is the good choice, and who is the bad candidate. In video games, it is a very different experience. You have to really get immersed into the game to experience what the game developer or writer is trying to say. The message is not always right in front of you, like it might be in an article, commercial, or even a verbal argument. You have to play the game a bit to get a deeper meaning of what the game is about, and what is good and bad in the game. The game can also present you with choices, like in the McDonald’s game, killing sick cows, or letting the customers eat bad beef. The different forms of arguments that I have been exposed to in class are very useful for when I am in these situations in the future, because now I have a new view point of how to tackle these kinds of situations.