What challenges does college writing bring?

The switch from high school to college writing is a big adjustment. In high school, you are still getting the basics of writing, but towards the end of high school, you are expected to be a new “real writer” since you have just finished getting all of the tools you need to become a successful writer. When you get to college, you are expected to be able to apply all of the skills that you learned in high school to your college writing, and if you don’t have those skills mastered, your writing when you get into college can suffer. That is one challenge that college writing can bring. Another challenge that I have already faced, has been breaking away from the standard 5 paragraph essay format. I did not think that it would be as hard as it actually is to get that structure out of my mind.

Reaction to “Footstools and Furniture”

When I first looked at the title of this piece, I was not quite sure how it would relate to writing. But after reading through the piece, I thought that the title was very clever. I do agree with Hjortshoj’s point about the structure of academic papers. While the 5 paragraph essay structure can be helpful and do it’s job in some circumstances, in a lot of other instances, it is almost limiting to the writer. The idea of a general structure for every kind of essay is a very natural idea that most people would want to have to try to make writing so many kinds of papers easier, but unfortunately a universal template just doesn’t exist, and this is what Hjorshoj was saying while writing this piece. I agree with this idea.

What is literacy?

Before I came to college, I always thought that literacy was the ability read and write, and the ability to comprehend the language that you were reading or writing. But after the first writing class that we had, the word literacy was given a whole new definition to me. We read “Everything’s A Text” by Dan Melter and Deborah Cowell-Teague, and they explained how literacy works. After reading that text, I would say that my new definition of literacy would be the ability to convey information in a persuasive and effective way to many different types of audiences. If one is able to do this, the audience that was given your information will end up taking in the information you gave them, and truly believe it.